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Roca dragón 1kg

Roca dragón 4€

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Echinodorus bleheri (espada amazónica)

"Our Bleheri has a beautiful colour and was grown so you can see through the leaves. This makes the plant very special. Now also available in super quality during the difficult winter months. Also take a good look at the mother plants! They are gorgeous!"

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EAN barcode : 8718076012279    Color code : Blue

Usage : Aquascaping                   Usage : nano

Usage : Paludarium                     Amount of light needed : low

Leaf color : dark green                Plantation zone : center

Plantation zone : foreground       Growth speed : slow

Ease of use : medium                Origin : Asia, South East

Temperature (°c) : 20-28           Height (cm) : 3-8

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Chladoflora aegagropila

EAN barcode : 8718076003505    Usage : Aquascaping

Usage : nano                              Amount of light needed : low

Leaf color : dark green                Plantation zone : center

Plantation zone : foreground        Growth speed : slow

Ease of use : easy                      Origin : Europe

Temperature (°c) : 10-24            Height (cm) : 3-5

"These are very decorative moss balls. They are actually algae balls but they have nothing to do with that nasty algae in the aquarium. They are used for decoration. They exist in natural circumstance in Eastern Europe and long-term water temperatures of over 24 0C are not recommendable. Very resistant against cold and very cold water."

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Hygrophila corymbosa

EAN barcode : 8718076009293   Amount of light needed : moderate

Leaf color : dark green              Plantation zone : background

Growth speed : fast                  Ease of use : easy

Origin : Asia, South East           Temperature (°c) : 23-28

Height (cm) : 25-50

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Eleocharis parvula

EAN barcode : 8718076001532         Color code : Yellow

Usage : Aquascaping                        Usage : nano

Amount of light needed : moderate    Leaf color : light green/ yellow

Plantation zone : foreground             Growth speed : medium

Ease of use : medium                       Origin : Cosmopolitan

Temperature (°c) : 18-26                 Height (cm) : 5-20

"The eleocharis parvula is a lovely grass-like little plant which can be used to cover the forefront. Just plant little pieces of grass with a pair of tweezers, just leave a little gap in between. The plants will produces shoots and a small grass area will soon appear. Eleocharis does like light and nutrition and lukewarm water. "

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Hemigraphis colorata

EAN código de barras : 8718076000351      Codigo de color : Yellow

Usage : Terrarium                                     Amount of light needed : moderate

Leaf color : red                                         Plantation zone : center

Growth speed : slow                                 Ease of use : T terrarium

Origin : Asia                                            Temperature (°c) : 23-28

Height (cm) : 12-25

"The broad, black, little lumpy brown leaves with purple bottom make this plant to have a striking appearance. Our pots contain several plants that can easily be planted next to each other. Very strong under water but still actually a Paludarium plant."

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